Stephen Casey
Stephen carries a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin. Steve has 26 years sales and management experience in the computer and consumer electronics industries, with Burroughs, Sperry-Univac and Zilog/Exxon Computer Systems. For the 3- 1/2 years prior to forming Third Coast Marketing, Steve was Vice-President in charge of the computer division for the largest consumer- electronics "Rep" company in the Southwest. Our Account Managers have held positions as Rep. Territory Managers, Factory-Direct Regional and National Sales Managers, and Buyers. This provides us with a view of the sales cycle from all perspectives.  Beyond wanting to win any contest for "oddball Rep name", and the desire to be a bit more original than "XXX&Associates".  When the company was founded over fifteen years ago, there were numerous distributors and national accounts purchasing outside of our territory, and shipping into it. Most of these companies were either from New York or California; the two coasts. So it was decided we would establish our own "beachhead" with local accounts and start them purchasing here and shipping OUT. We would become the Third Coast.
In addition, we wanted a name that would identify us geographically without limiting us to Texas. While the right and left coasts might not consider it, with the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana we have a considerable amount of legitimate "third coastline" within our territory.



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Dallas, TX 75287
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